Taking Care of Your Custom T-Shirt

Taking Care of Your Custom T-Shirt

You should always strive to maintain the crispness and good condition of your custom t-shirt. Unfortunately, there are many practices and conditions that pose risk to the good condition of a printed and customized shirt. You practically want to make your custom t shirt last longer. To do so, you should be informed about several practices and tips that will help you maintain and extend the good quality and life span of your special customized apparel. Here are some ways to do so.

First, before wearing the custom t shirt for the first time, you have to make sure it is properly washed. The action would help wash away toxic chemicals and impurities that may irritate your skin and in turn, make the fabrics of the shirt softer and weaker.

When cleaning or washing the custom t-shirt, prefer machine washing than dry cleaning. It has been found that chemicals in dry-cleaning solutions destroy fabrics and alter the print quality of any custom t shirt. Immediately wash the custom t-shirt after it is unintentionally stained. Doing so will help prevent permanent staining, especially when the shirt is light colored. Immediate washing also helps avoid stains from setting in and being absorbed more by the shirt fabrics. Another tip, use gentle cycle and lukewarm water when washing your custom t-shirt. This also helps preserve the color and, of course, the fabric aside from maintaining the good quality of the print.

Before you wear your custom t shirt, make sure your antiperspirant and cologne already dried in your body. Antiperspirant stains are among the most common destroyers and stains in any custom t-shirt. When ironing the custom t shirt, make sure the fabric is still damp before ironing and pressing. Doing so will help prevent damaging and scorching of the fabric. Ironing damp fabrics is also an effective way to eliminate cloth wrinkles.


Lastly, hang your custom t shirt when not in use. Pressing and folding will also be advisable, but if you do not like fold marks, hanging is good. Prefer plastic and wooden hangers that are apparently firm on the shoulders. Avoid wire hangers as much as possible as such materials could ruin and alter the shape of your custom t-shirt.

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